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Dental Implants Hampshire
£2,500 - £18,000
Dental Implants Hampshire
£2,500 - £18,000

Same Day Teeth

Teeth In A Day / Same Day Teeth

  • Have you struggled for years with a loose denture which makes you feel old before your time?
  • Are you hanging onto wobbly loose teeth because you want to avoid having to wear dentures?

Now we have the answer. With Teeth In A Day/ Same Day Teeth you can arrive at the clinic morning, and leave that evening with a confident new smile - not to mention a full set of your very own fixed teeth!

Thanks to major advances in dental technology, we can now provide fully fixed teeth in just a single visit for almost anyone. Even if you have been previously told you do not have enough bone to support dental implants, we can offer the ultimate solution.

How Teeth In A Day/ Same Day Teeth works

You arrive at Glenholme Dental Centre first thing in the morning on the day of your procedure. Any hopeless teeth are removed and specialised dental implants are gently placed. Our in-house dental laboratory will then make new teeth while you relax in our relaxation area. Later in the afternoon, your new teeth are fitted securely in place.

You can enjoy dinner that same evening with new, fixed, solid teeth.

Am I suitable for Teeth In A Day/ Same Day Teeth?

You may have been previously told that you are unsuitable for Dental Implants due to bone loss. This new procedure allows us to avoid any unnecessary bone grafting or lengthy procedures. Schedule your free consultation now to discuss your personal expectations and we can help you determine if you should consider taking that next step.

John's Teeth In A Day/ Same Day Teeth Experience

Dental Implants Hampshire £ 15 Chequers Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG217PU 01256 465130 Dental Implants Hampshire
iconSome people feel that this is an expensive treatment but in my line of work, and in my own life, I simply have to feel comfortable and confident. I meet customers on a day-to-day basis, so having the confidence to smile and look natural and comfortable has no price tag for me. The implants took less than two hours to fit and it felt like I was having a filling or a wisdom tooth removed. I was able to eat that afternoon and even went out to the cinema with my wife that night! My smile looks and feels natural and I haven't looked back. Stop thinking about it - Do it!! icon

What are the advantages of Teeth In A Day/ Same Day Teeth?

  • Teeth can be replaced in one single day.
  • Implants stimulate the bone and keep it strong and healthy.
  • The structure and appearance of your face will be improved and the risk of further bone loss no longer a significant threat.
  • Oral function is restored, meaning you can start eating the foods you love again, such as steak or crunchy apples.
  • You will never wear your dentures again.
  • The procedure is entirely comfortable, from start to finish.
  • Recovery is quick and you can eat the evening of your treatment.
  • Your self-confidence and quality of life will be massively improved with your very own fully fixed teeth.

Our treatments also address problems caused by loose dentures, failing crown and bridgework, severe bone loss and chronic gum disease. This pioneering treatment has been available in Europe and in the USA for several years and has been tried and tested with fantastic success rates of over 98%. Due to Glenholme's use of the latest technology, including 3-D CT Scanners and our highly trained dentists and support team, we now provide the same treatment for patients from all over England. No need for sticky pastes and adhesives and no need to wait to have a beautiful new smile. If you have a special occasion coming up, we can now give you fixed teeth in just a single visit.

Smile and chew with confidence for the rest of your life.