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Dental Implants Hampshire
£2,500 - £18,000
Dental Implants Hampshire
£2,500 - £18,000

Welcome to Dental Implants Hampshire

Are you in pain, do you need to see the dentist urgently? Are you unhappy with your dentist or had a previous bad experience with one? We are here to help you.

Located in the heart of Hampshire, both our clinics have been providing specialist help for implants, dental emergencies and nervous patients, as well as day-to-day dental needs, for more than ten years. Our holistic approach has defined a completely new approach to the dental experience.

We're here to bring a smile to the nation.

Our patients, who are looking for dental implants in Hampshire, often tell us that they have multiple concerns when it comes to the treatment journey. The results we achieve for them, and the care they receive during their time with us, can be seen in these lovely testimonials:

Dental Implants Hampshire £ 15 Chequers Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG217PU 01256 465130 Dental Implants Hampshire

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the care and attention taken when you attended to dental work that I needed. Time has now passed, allowing my mouth to become accustom to the changes, and me relaxed about using the tooth implant in just the same way as I would use any of my other teeth. I am very pleased with the outcome and feel confident that the implant will provide me with many years of trouble free use.

When I first considered the possibility of a tooth implant, I remember that initially I was very concerned about the whole procedure. This was partly because implants were a new and completely unknown phenomenon to me, together with the fact that I've always had a dread of any dental work, (which stems I think from memories of school clinics, dreams under gas and belt driven drills). These concerns all caused me to be very apprehensive and unsure of the need for an implant, and to wonder if it really was the thing for me.

However, all my fears and apprehension have proved unfounded, and I now own a first class and very useful tooth implant.

I feel sure that without your patience and informative descriptions of the work involved, I would not have been confident enough to agree to a tooth implant.

In fact I found the manner in which all the staff handled my treatment exceptional. From the way the receptionist arranged my appointments to suit my needs, her helpful advice and cheerful encouragement. Your dental assistant for her kind support, reassurance, and prompt response to my needs in the chair. Together with of course the professional care, courtesy, and attention you paid to my needs while I received treatment which has made my tooth implant a complete success.
Dental Implants Hampshire £ 15 Chequers Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG217PU 01256 465130 Dental Implants Hampshire

For most of us, a visit to the dentist can be quite daunting! An I am no exception, especially recently when I had lost a frontal tooth, leaving its root to be removed. With also an adjoining tooth filling to be done. I wish to add, that throughout my examination and treatment, my dentist James, gave me complete confidence and advice, while making it as painless as possible. An implant and crown will complete this most difficult operation, and I wish to congratulate and thank James, and all the staff for their most happy and professional manner…