Why bother with dental implants in Hampshire?

If you have lost or are faced with losing teeth, then you will no doubt be wondering how to replace them. Chances are that you will have heard of dental implants. In Hampshire, they are available from us at Dental Implants Hampshire. Our implant dentist Dr James Kleiber has many years’ experience in dealing with both simple and complex dental implant cases, and has seen just how they can transform people’s lives. But what makes dental implants so worth investing in? Let’s take a look at their benefits.

Dental Implants in HampshireStable and secure

You can use this phrase in all honesty when you are talking about dental implants, which are artificial tooth roots fitted into the jawbone under local anaesthetic. Once there, the titanium, from which the implants are made, stimulates the jawbone tissue to grow all over it. In a matter of weeks, the two have meshed together and the implant is held in place as securely as a natural tooth. This means that you can rely on your new teeth to chew through all your favourite foods, including roast potatoes and steaks. It also means that your teeth won’t take to sliding around in your mouth just when you need your dignity the most. This is one area in which dental implants have the edge on dentures, which can only give about a quarter of the chewing power of natural teeth.

Jawbone health

Not many people realise that when their teeth have gone, their jawbone will start to deteriorate in the area where the teeth used to be. Jawbones need the stimulation of the constant tremors that come down through the tooth roots to trigger cell renewal. No tremors, no bone renewal. In fact, it’s worse than that. No tremors, active bone degeneration, and you can find yourself losing up to 25% of your bone material in just a year after losing a tooth. Dental implants enable those vital tremors to reach the jawbone, keeping it strong and dense and your face looking firm and youthful.

To find out more about these and other benefits from dental implants in Hampshire, why not come in for a consultation?