Have you been told you can’t have dental implants in Hampshire?

There’s no doubt that in Hampshire, dental implants can transform lives, especially if people have been struggling with their missing teeth or dentures for a long time. Being able to once again eat what they like, speak clearly and smile and laugh without embarrassment can feel like a miracle.

But, what if you have been to see someone about having dental implants and been told that you can’t have them? Is that the end of the road? Well, maybe not. It’s well worth getting a second opinion and at Dental Implants Hampshire, we are very happy to provide one.

Dental Implants in HampshireIt’s all about your jawbone

The success of dental implants depends on how well they integrate with the jawbone to provide a strong and stable chewing base.

You need to have a strong jawbone that will heal well around the titanium implants once they have been inserted. Ideally, new bone cells and blood vessels will grow all over the surface of the implant and these will hold the implant in place.

However this may not happen if:

  • You have been without teeth for some time and the bone cells have dissolved so much of the jawbone that it has shrunk and become spongey;
  • You suffer from uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, which can hinder the healing process;
  • You have advanced gum disease that is attacking the bone around the implant site;
  • You are a smoker, which can hinder blood flow to the site and slow down or prevent healing.

Giving up smoking and controlling type 2 diabetes can greatly increase your chances of being able to have dental implants in Hampshire. We can probably help you with gum disease and we have a couple of ways of dealing with jawbones that have started to resorb.

You could have bone graft material inserted into the site. This requires opening up the bone and packing either your own or synthetic bone material into the jawbone and then allowing it some time to integrate with the bone already there. Or, if your problem is with your upper jaw, you can have extra-long implants anchored into your cheekbones.