Give your dentures a firm footing with dental implants in Hampshire

Dentures can be so amazing and also so frustrating. On the one hand, they are a brilliant and cost-effective way to replace missing teeth, whether you have lost all of them or only some. On the other hand, they can become a hassle and even a downright embarrassment if they don’t fit properly. And it is often the case that dentures that start off fitting really well can become loose and start sliding around in your mouth after only even a matter of months.

Dental Implants in HampshireAt Dental Implants Hampshire, we know all about the ups and downs of wearing dentures and how to get them to stay still all day – with dental implants in Hampshire.

Getting to the root of the problem

The problem comes down to this: teeth need roots to anchor them firmly into the jawbone so that they can cope with the powerful forces that are generated when we bite into food and chew it. These forces can be as much as 97kg or 200lbs in the average male chew.

Dentures rely on being firmly fitted around the gums, creating a kind of vacuum, for their stability. This is achievable to a certain extent, but even the most well-fitted dentures can only achieve something like a quarter of the power of natural teeth, and biting into crunchy and chewy things is no longer possible. People have to eat their apples by cutting slices off rather than biting into them. And, over time, the jawbone shrinks if it no longer has tooth roots in it to stimulate cell renewal.

But, dentures can be made to sit still by attaching them to dental implants in Hampshire. The dental implants are mini implants that are inserted into the jawbone through the gum, rather than cutting a flap in it and pulling it back, which makes the surgery much quicker. It usually takes between two and four implants per jaw. The dentures are then attached using either a snap-on ball attachment or a bar.

Your current dentures can be customised or, if they are getting worn, you can have new ones custom-made.