Effective and long-lasting

When you start having to think about getting your teeth replaced, you have to think about what you want from your restorations. Teeth play an important part in eating, but they are also vital for the formation of certain sounds when we talk. Our teeth are in constant use, and take a lot of strain, sometimes even when we sleep, so it’s important that any replacements can do an effective job and can last a long time.

Dental Implants in HampshireAt Dental Implants Hampshire, we concentrate on giving people the highest quality dental implants in Hampshire because we know how vital teeth are.

We have seen what happens when replacement teeth don’t quite do their job well enough for long enough, and so it is no surprise to us that in Hampshire dental implants have become many people’s first choice for new teeth.


As dental implants in Hampshire are anchored into the jawbone, they provide a solid, stable anchor for the crowns, which means that you can continue to eat whatever you want without having to worry that your new teeth will not be able to stand the strain of chewing on a good steak, or biting into a crunchy apple. Your diet can be as wide and varied as you like, including raw and chewy foods that often contain the most nutrients. Also, you can talk and laugh with complete freedom. Your teeth will stay still, and you will not have to worry about any wobbling that might make you look odd.


The way that dental implants work is by becoming fully integrated with the jawbone. The implants are made of titanium, a highly biocompatible metal that encourages the bone to produce new tissue. This grows all over the surface of the implant, holding it in place just like a natural tooth. This process takes a few weeks to complete, but afterwards, as long as you take care of your implants, you can expect them to last for decades. They cannot decay, but they can fall victim to gum disease, so you must clean and floss your implants thoroughly every day.