Why you should replace a missing tooth

If you have a missing tooth, sometimes it’s very important to replace that tooth. This is because it can affect the way in which you eat, e.g. some foods may become difficult to eat because you now have a gap in your mouth instead of a tooth which is difficult to bite and chew food with. In addition, your jaw may become painful because your ‘bite’ could have changed and it no longer sits the way it used to when the missing tooth was present. To some people, the most concerning factor for them when they have lost a tooth is the aesthetics. If a back tooth is missing this could affect the way your face looks; teeth help to maintain the shape of the face, however when a tooth is lost the bone which holds it in place can become smaller, this can affect the way you look, as the lack of tooth and bone may not support your face as it previously did, and it can give the cheeks a sunken look. In addition, if it’s one of the more visible teeth that are missing e.g. a front tooth, this will drastically affect a person’s smile, which in turn can lower their self-esteem.

solution-of-missing-teethReplace missing teeth with Hampshire Dental Implants

Dental clinic Hampshire Dental Implants offer dental implants as a solution to missing teeth. The benefits of dental implants include: the implants are fixed in the mouth which means they will not fall out when laughing, talking or eating, they’re very hard wearing so as long as they’re cared for correctly they will last a long time, and they look extremely natural and will blend in with your other teeth perfectly. According to the Oral Health Foundation, inserting an implant is frequently an easier process than extracting a tooth; a patient will be given a local anaesthetic and the implant is fixed in to the jaw and left to heal, usually for around 3 to 4 months before the crown is attached to form the ‘new tooth’. If you have a missing tooth, or teeth, and want to close up that gap, contact Hampshire Dental Implants to discuss further.