Why you need your teeth below the gum line

When we think about losing our teeth, we generally focus on how we will look. We worry about replacing the pearly white crowns because those are the bits that show, and also, of course, we use them for biting and chewing.

For centuries, dentistry has done the same, focussing on bridges, plates and dentures to replace lost teeth. And of course, this is valid, but replacing the root of the tooth below the gum line, is just as necessary from a health point of view, and also cosmetically.

Dental Implants in HampshireThe root of the tooth performs a vital role in keeping the jawbone strong and healthy. Every time we bite, chew or just clang our teeth together, the root moves imperceptibly within the jawbone. These movements stimulate the jawbone and without them, the jawbone starts to degenerate. Dental Implants Hampshire has the solution to prevent this from happening: dental implants.

In Hampshire, dental implants perform the role of the tooth root. These lightweight titanium screws are placed into the jawbone. The titanium encourages the growth of new bone, which the implants fuse with. They become firmly secured into the jaw and provide a stable base for replacement teeth to be attached.

Dental implants are the only way there is to provide a complete restoration of the missing teeth, from the root to the crown.

What to expect when having dental implants in Hampshire

Fitting dental implants involves a minor surgical procedure under local anaesthetic. When you come to see us, we will explain exactly what to expect from your treatment journey before we begin. We can also provide dental sedation for the procedure if you feel anxious about it.

After your implant surgery, you will need several weeks for your implants to stabilise before we can fit your natural looking replacement teeth. While this happens, you can continue to wear any bridges or dentures you already have. Your final replacement teeth are custom-made from porcelain and crafted to blend in with the size, shape and colour of your natural teeth.

Get in touch with us today to find out how to take the first steps towards getting your dental implants in Hampshire.