Ways to improve dentures

If you have had to have all your teeth removed and now have dentures, you may find it a frustrating experience. You are not alone. Many people find that, even though their dentures fit beautifully when they get them, over time they become loose, wobbly, and embarrassing. There is a way round this perennial problem, with dental implants in Hampshire.

At Hampshire Dental Implants, we offer a technique called denture stabilisation. The name says it all. It’s a great halfway house between wearing dentures and having dental implants in Hampshire.

Dental Implants in HampshireWhy do dentures loosen over time?

Dentures lose their grip because when there are no longer any teeth fixed into the jawbone and coming up through the gums, both gums and jawbone start to recede. In fact, the jawbone can shrink by as much as 25% in one year. No wonder then that dentures can very quickly start to slide about. Both gums and jawbone need the tremors that get transmitted through tooth roots to signal that they are still in use and so need to renew their cells.

Dental implants act like tooth roots and provide the stimulation the jawbone and gums need to stay in shape.

What does denture stabilisation involve?

We can fit you with between four and six mini implants in each arch to stabilise your dentures. These implants can be inserted directly through the gum, which makes the procedure quicker. In fact, we then fit the implants with the right abutment to support either a bar or a ball onto which your modified dentures are attached. You leave us with your dentures securely in place.

Many patients decide to have an entirely new set of dentures made especially for the implants. You can still take them out for cleaning and storage at night, and to rest your gums, but during the day, when they are attached to your implants, you can go about your business and eat whatever you like without worrying that your dentures might start sliding around in your mouth.

To find out how we can help you get your dentures to behave with dental implants in Hampshire, why not give us a call and book yourself in for a consultation?