Titanium: the miracle metal that can transform your life

Titanium is the wonder-metal used in dental implants. In Hampshire, these miniature miracles have been improving the lives of people who have suffered tooth loss.

Titanium is the perfect metal for dental implants in Hampshire because it is lightweight and very strong. As well as this, titanium does not corrode after being inserted into the body.

dental-implants-hampshireBut, as well as being light, durable and strong, titanium has another property that makes it perfect for use in implants and that is its capacity to actually mesh with bone tissue in a process called osseointegration.

Titanium’s ability to osseointegrate makes it a very popular choice for all sorts of surgical implants, and especially for dental implants, where encouraging new bone tissue is of paramount importance. This is because when someone loses a tooth, the bone that once held a root no longer has a job to do and so it starts to lose its density. Titanium implants actually encourage the jawbone to produce new bone tissue and blood vessels and so help keep it a strong and healthy home for all the remaining natural teeth.

Osseointegration also firmly anchors the new dental implant in place, which is important because chewing and grinding places a great deal of stress on the jaw and teeth, and roots need to be stable to cope with chewing and grinding forces. If the jawbone is not healthy or the gum has receded, teeth can come loose in their sockets.In Hampshire, dental implants made of titanium help the jaw bone to maintain a healthy size.

In Hampshire, dental implants are fitted in two stages following an in-depth consultation and examination to make sure dental implants are the right treatment for the patient. If they are, our dentists at Dental Implants Hampshire create new sockets in the jawbone, and insert the titanium implants, usually while the patient is under local anaesthetic. Sedation is also available for anxious patients. After several weeks or possibly months of healing time to allow the titanium implants to bond with the bone, artificial teeth, custom-made to blend with the patient’s natural teeth, can be fitted.