Restore your smile with dental implants in Hampshire

Have you suffered from tooth loss? Are dentures just not working out for you? Dental implants in Hampshire could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. While dentures can fill the unsightly gaps left by tooth loss, they also can be uncomfortable and prone to slipping out of place. At Dental Implants Hampshire, we take advantage of the latest advances in dental technology to give you a clinically proven and long-lasting alternative to dentures. Dental implants can boost your confidence as well as your dental health.

dental-implants-in-hampshireWhy dental implants trump traditional dentures

Missing teeth lead to a host of dental health complications, particularly around the site of tooth loss. Bone is prone to degenerating causing the gums to recede. This can make neighbouring teeth become unstable, causing them to tilt or topple out. A vicious cycle of tooth loss can then follow. Unlike dentures, dental implants can help prevent these dental health issues.

Dental implants are small titanium screws that, over several months, will fully integrate into your jawbone. This is possible because dental implants actually stimulate bone growth, resulting in a secure foundation for the attachment of replacement teeth.

Dental implants are successful in up to 98% of cases, making them a reliable alternative to dentures. You will regain the freedom to eat, chew, and laugh without the worry of your replacement teeth moving. Dental implants in Hampshire can revitalise your facial appearance and improve your quality of life.

What does the procedure involve?

Dental implants involve a minor surgical procedure and are therefore fitted under local anaesthetic. This makes your treatment pain-free. However if you are particularly nervous, we also offer sedation. Our goal is to ensure you are as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

After three to four months of healing, your custom made replacement teeth can be attached. Dental implants in Hampshire can be used to treat the loss of single, multiple, or even a mouthful of teeth. Only one implant is needed to hold several replacement teeth. So no matter how many teeth you have lost, our highly trained and friendly staff are here to help.

To begin your journey to better dental health, call or email us today.