Permanent replacement teeth

A long-lasting and stable method of tooth replacement in Hampshire, dental implants will give you back your natural dental function. The new teeth will look and feel as good as the old ones, so you can enjoy biting and chewing your favourite foods with confidence. As well as this, the implants prevent the bone deterioration that gives the face a sunken look.

Any number of teeth

Dental Implants in HampshireAt our practice in Hampshire, dental implants may be used to solve a variety of tooth loss problems. Whether you’ve lost a single tooth through injury, or many teeth from prolonged decay, Dental Implants Hampshire can restore what you’ve been missing. There’s no need to have a smile you want to hide.

Customised efficiency

Before you receive your dental implants in Hampshire, our friendly team will talk to you in detail about your dental history, and establish that your oral health and existing bone structure are in good enough condition to accept the implants. Working to a detailed treatment plan, the dentist will then place small titanium posts into your jawbone. Once your mouth has healed sufficiently, you’ll return to the practice to have the replacement teeth attached securely to these posts.

Long-term solutions

The titanium implants become securely anchored within the jawbone in a process known as osseointegration. This provides a stable foundation for your replacement teeth, so that you can enjoy meals as you used to, without having to cautiously opt for soft, mushy foods. As well as this, the implants prevent the bone deterioration that happens when teeth are lost, so your face’s underlying structure stays firm.

Oral hygiene can be easier to maintain with dental implants, because they fill in the spaces between teeth, leaving fewer hard-to-clean areas in which food debris and bacteria can gather. The risk that you’ll develop bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease is reduced.

At Dental Implants Hampshire, we offer payment plans to help make the cost of your implants more affordable. Contact us today to find out more.

If you look after them properly in Hampshire, dental implants will last for the rest of your life.