Keep them guessing

The main aim of any dental procedure is to give you strong, healthy teeth. Whether those teeth are real or not is another matter, and with dental implants in Hampshire, no one is going to be able to tell.

That’s because when you come to Dental Implants Hampshire for replacement teeth the modern way, we will use all our expertise and skills to handcraft porcelain crowns that are the same size, shape, and colour as your original teeth. Unless you didn’t like your natural teeth and want something different, in which case we’ll use all our skills to give you that instead!

Dental Implants in HampshireGetting to the root of the matter

In Hampshire, dental implants are the most modern way to replace teeth. Their popularity has been steadily on the rise since they first came on the market about 40 years ago. This is because dental implants in Hampshire are the only tooth replacement option that gives you back the roots as well as the crowns of your teeth. You need good roots if you want to eat a varied and interesting diet. And let’s face it, who doesn’t? Eating is one of life’s most fundamental pleasures, and what teeth were made for.

Now dental implants have become most people’s first choice for replacing teeth. A single implant can support up to three teeth on a bridge, and there are techniques for being able to replace a whole arch of teeth on between just four and six implants. The implants at the back are generally longer and go in at a 45° angle to support along the length of the jaw.

A strong jaw

As time goes by, dentists continue to come up with new techniques and ways to allow more people to have access to dental implants. The biggest sticking point has always been the health of the jawbone. It has to be dense and strong enough to support the implant and healthy enough to integrate with it. Now people with problem jaws can have bone grafts or sinus lifts to enable them to have implants too.

If you want dental implants in Hampshire, the first step is to come for a consultation. So why not ring and book one with us today?