If you have problems with loose dentures, we have a perfect solution

Tooth loss is an almost inevitable part of life. Growing older, we are more and more likely to lose our teeth. It’s a natural part of ageing that is unavoidable. Many of us end up using dentures. Dentures can be a truly life-changing treatment, allowing us to enjoy our food again.

The problem with dentures is that with time they can become loose and prone to moving and even falling out altogether. This is because when we lose our teeth, our jaws begin to change shape with the absence of stimulation to our jawbone, normally provided by the roots of our teeth.

Dental Implants in HampshireThere are many products that claim to help keep dentures in place, but many are a hassle and don’t provide the stability that other treatments could.

Dental implants in Hampshire can secure loose dentures

You may have heard of the use of dental implants to replace missing teeth. It’s true that dental implants can provide the most stable and durable form of replacement teeth, with custom-made crowns to fit your smile.

But, in Hampshire, dental implants can also be used to secure loose dentures, creating a stable anchor for existing dentures or a new custom-made set of dentures to attach to. Here at Dental Implants Hampshire, we can provide a complete, friendly service, securing your dentures and giving you the confidence to enjoy the foods you love.

How dental implants work

In Hampshire, dental implant treatment creates such a secure anchor because the treatment actually integrates with the natural material of your jaw. The treatment works with your body, instead of against it. The treatment involves a minor surgical procedure in which a titanium screw is inserted into your jawbone.

Over time, the titanium screw with integrate with your jaw and once allowed to heal, your existing dentures can be attached or a custom-made set can be crafted specifically for this application.

Studies show that less than 15% of people who have a lower denture wear it and use it to eat with because they find it so uncomfortable, make the most of your dentures with denture stabilisation.