Fully recover from dental sporting injurires

If you have lost one or more teeth due to a sporting injury, maybe they got knocked out playing rubgy or BMXing, then you could be looking at decades of wearing removable false teeth.

dental-implants-in-hampshireMaybe you were in your teens or 20s when you lost your teeth, and you already have experience of wearing a single false tooth or a bridge. Whatever your experience, you probably feel rather down at the prospect of a limited diet, discomfort and the hassle of cleaning false teeth. The good news is that in Hampshire, dental implants can take all the hassles of removable false teeth away in a few short months.

At Dental Implants Hampshire, it’s our business to take people through the implant journey with as little stress and pain as possible, and to leave them with a mouth that no one else would ever know contained artificial teeth.

Once we have made sure that your jaw is strong and dense enough to support implants, and if you are young, it most probably is, then you will have implants inserted into special channels that are drilled into your jawbone under local anaesthetic. This is unlikely to hurt because there are far fewer nerve endings in the bone than in teeth, but if you are anxious, we can do the surgery with sedation.

After the dental implants are in place, we cover them with temporary caps and for the next two to four months you go about your business while osseointegration takes place. Osseointegration is the scientific term for the rather amazing process whereby the titanium of the dental implants stimulates the bone tissue to grow and fuse with it, holding the implants in place just like natural teeth.

It will now be time for us at Hampshire Dental Implants to fit your artificial crowns. These will have been custom-made to blend in with your own teeth, both in terms of colour as well as size and shape. Depending on how many teeth you had knocked out you can either have a single crown, a few on a bridge, or, if you were really unlucky and lost all your teeth, we can even fit a full set of dentures to each jaw on only four implants.