Do you worry about missing teeth?

For many people, losing teeth causes problems, from issues about their appearance to difficulties with everyday activities, such as eating and speaking. If you are not happy with how you look, this starts to affect your confidence and enjoyment of social interactions. In the past, options for replacing teeth used to involve removeable appliances, which could be insecure, inconvenient to clean or uncomfortable. Fortunately, dental implants are now an established way of replacing teeth. Dental Implants Hampshire have used this technology to restore quality of life to hundreds of patients.

Dental Implants in HampshireI am missing all of my teeth

Dental implants are a great option if you do not have any remaining teeth as they can be used as a secure base for a full set of replacements. We are experienced in fitting dental implants in Hampshire and can work with you whatever your situation. In some cases, it is better to remove some teeth if they are in poor condition anyway. To replace a full set, you will usually have four implants. These are rod-shaped metal screws which are inserted into the jaw during a minor operation. When the bones and blood vessels of the jaw have meshed around the metal implants and stabilised them, a full arch denture can be permanently fixed to them.

I have been wearing dentures for years

If you are a long-term user of dentures, it is likely that there has been some shrinkage of the tissues of your jaw. This is because the bones in this area are strengthened by the pressure exerted by the roots of natural teeth during chewing and biting. Wearing dentures does not have the same effect and the jaw can become too weak to support implants. If this is the case, we can offer a procedure known as a sinus lift. This ensures that there is sufficient bone density to create a solid base. So, having dental implants in Hampshire would still be an option for you.

You do not need to suffer from missing teeth any longer if you live in Hampshire. Dental implants could give you a new lease of life and a smile to enjoy again.