Can you tell me about what the benefit is of having a dental implant?

In the last thirty years, there have been advances in dentistry. One procedure that has been on the increase is dental implants. Hampshire is home to many healthy people; healthy smiles are something we all want to see and experience for ourselves. A dental implant will give you back the smile you lost, when you lost your tooth. It can be true that losing a tooth can mean losing your confidence. There is no need any more for this consequence, not now there is an affordable solution for you or your family. Would you like to smile back at your friends and loved ones, to let them know how much you love them? With dental implants in Hampshire being so readily available, you can. Come and visit us at Hampshire Dental Implants to find out if you are eligible for this procedure. The majority of people are; phone us for an appointment to get started.

dental-implants-in-hampshireIf you are missing many teeth, you may have already noticed that it has started to age your face. Teeth actually give our face the structure. Without them, our face can start to sink and age. By having implants to replace missing teeth, it can ensure you do not look old before your time. Implants are a very affordable and effective solution for many people.

I am not sure whether to have dentures or implants, can you advise?

Yes we can! Choosing between dentures or dental implants in Hampshire, is something we can help with. Firstly, we will invite you in for a consultation to talk you through your options and find out what it is that you are looking for. If dental implants are what you want, then we will check your eligibility by assessing the health of your bone and tissue in your mouth. If for some reason there is a reduction in bone density, we do have other options, of which is dentures is one. Dentures can be of benefit for anyone who needs a full set of teeth replaced and cannot have implants. Dentures are a good option to be able to eat and speak with more ease.