What you need to know about dental implants

What happens if you lose a tooth? One option is to replace it with a dental implant. Receiving a dental implant is a procedure where an artificial tooth (made from titanium) is fixed in to the jaw bone. Previously for tooth loss, the only options were fixed bridges, removable dentures, or you simply had to deal with a missing tooth! Dentures and fixed bridges are great for some people however they do have their drawbacks: Fixed bridges need to use the neighbouring teeth to work, however this may cause problems with these teeth in the future. Dentures can sometimes beill-fitting and uncomfortable, and often don’t look as natural as dental implants.

dental-implants-in-hampshireThe benefits of Hampshire dental implants

Hampshire dental implants look great! They look totally natural and could be mistaken for real teeth,they are a step above in the competition compared to dentures and fixed bridges. Implants are fixed into the jaw so they don’t need to rely on other teeth to keep them in place, this is a massive advantage as it won’t cause any future dental issues for the teeth surrounding the implant. Hampshire dental implants are one less thing to worry about; unlike dentures, they will never slip around or out of your mouth, and will stay fixed in place for many years, this can avoid unnecessary embarrassment and make life that little bit easier. Implants are extremely reliable; often, dentures can be mislaid and fixed bridges will need to be replaced every few years, however, it’s entirely possible that if looked after correctly, you will never have to worry about replacing your Hampshire dental implants. The most important thing of all, is that Hampshire dental implants will improve your confidence, ensuring that you can you can go about living your day to day life just as you used to prior to losing your missing tooth. The implant will look so natural that’s it’s very unlikely that anyone would ever know that it’s not a real tooth. To discuss implants further and to find out how they could be the key to getting that great smile back, contact Hampshire Dental Implants for more information.