What we can offer you

Hampshire Dental Implants offer a wide range of services to ensure your dental implant with us goes as beautifully as the smile you will have at the end of your procedure.

We are here from the moment you enter our surgery with a welcoming smile and the knowledge that every member of our team excel in their field.

dental-implantsOur Technology

Here at Hampshire Dental Implants we are using state of the art, modern equipment and technology to make your dental implant as easy as possible.

We have mobile SC Scan services available. This allows us to produce 3D images of your teeth from the comfort and relaxation of your own home. Our expertly trained clinicians will travel to your home and ensure a quick and painless scan of your teeth. Our scans take between 18-22 seconds to complete, and we have an image ready to use with 4 minutes.

What is next?

After we have visited your home we break down our treatment into three stages. We take digital photos of your mouth and smile. This means after your treatment you can see what a huge difference Hampshire Dental Implants has made to your smile.

After this we build a custom-made dental plan just for you. We assess your mouth and general oral health to create you the ideally personalized course.

We then offer you your treatment plan. This is your chance to discuss any issues you may have directly with your highly qualified clinician through a one to one meeting.

How much does it cost?

The cost of receiving dental implants has decreased hugely. It was only a few years ago when dental implants could have cost upwards of £50,000.

We are now happy to offer our treatments from as little as £2,500 for a single implant case, up to £18,000 for our one-day full arches restoration.

We are also pleased to announce that here at Hampshire Dental Implants we can also offer you our 0% interest (over 12 months’) finance plan. This can relieve and burden of a one off payment and make your journey with us easier.

So, get in touch now for your free consultation.