The stable base for artificial teeth

Anyone who has lost a tooth will know how much it can affect your life. The consequences of losing more than one are even greater. Biting and chewing become harder; you will probably have to change your diet, and give up eating your favourite foods, such as roast potatoes or steak.

You could become self-conscious about the gaps in your teeth and smile less often. You may also find your jaw changing shape and find that wearing removable false teeth is uncomfortable and a hassle. Perhaps your false teeth get broken, or lost. They may well become wobbly and loose in the mouth over time. It can be terribly embarrassing when your teeth start moving around of their own volition, but it can also make speaking clearly more difficult. Maybe you won’t chat as happily as before, maybe you’ll think twice before you burst out laughing.

Dental Implants in HampshireThere is a solution that can anchor artificial teeth into the mouth just as if they were natural teeth: dental implants in Hampshire.

At Dental Implants Hampshire, we have been providing implant care for more than ten years at our two clinics in Basingstoke and Romsey.

What’s it all about?

Dental implants differ from removable dentures in that they replace the root of the tooth as well as the crown.

In Hampshire, dental implants are inserted under local anaesthetic. A new tooth socket will be drilled into the jawbone, ready for the implant, which is a tiny post made out of titanium. Titanium is used not only because it is lightweight, but also because of the way it encourages new bone growth around it. This means the jawbone holds the implant securely in place just as it would a real tooth. This healing process takes several weeks, after which an internal screw called an abutment is inserted into the post.

The abutment is the platform onto which artificial teeth can be fitted, either as single crowns, as bridges of a few teeth, or a whole set of teeth for upper or lower jaw. The porcelain teeth are custom-made to be indistinguishable from the surrounding real teeth. Your dental implants in Hampshire are securely anchored, which means once your treatment is complete, you can chew and bite as normal.