I am not sure what a dental implant is

Many of us probably have not heard of a dental implant, especially if we have not needed to know before now. Dental implants in Hampshire are becoming more and more spoken about, as people look for a solution to a missing tooth. There can be differing reasons why, at some point we lose a tooth as adults. Whether due to poor hygiene, or an accident, a suitable solution could be a dental implant. Hampshire Dental Implants are here to advise and assist you.

dental-implants-hampshireA dental implant, is a small screw made of titanium. The metal screw is placed into your gum where the missing tooth was. It is in effect, taking the place of the root. For any nervous patients out there this will all be done while you are under sedation, so do not let your fear stop you from reading further. We at Hampshire Dental Implants, understand fully the needs of our patients. At the initial consultation, options for sedation as well as what to expect from the procedure, will be discussed.

After the metal screw has been placed into the gum, the screw will be capped and left for your body to accept it, as it would a real root. The bone and tissue will grow around it. Once this has happened, we will invite you back to our studio in Hampshire. Dental implants consist of the metal root with the addition of a false, yet natural-looking tooth. This will then be secured permanently into your mouth.

Can you tell me a benefit of having this procedure?

Yes! One massive benefit to you is that it allows you to eat all your favourite foods again. There is no risk of food getting stuck in the hole. Especially for patients missing multiple teeth, eating can become restrictive.If eating an apple has been off the list for you, because of missing teeth, then let us help you. With dental implants in Hampshire, many people are enjoying crunching into their favourite fruit again.

Keeping a full set of teeth also allows you to retain a youthful look. Missing teeth can risk creating an ageing look, so if this is not an avenue you would like to walk down, come and discuss the options available to you.