Focus on dental implants

If you are looking for a way to replace your missing teeth then it will not be long before you come across the concept of dental implants. These are tiny screws that are fitted into your jaw bone. They are used to support prosthetic teeth. There are lots of reasons why dental implants are a popular solution for many patients.

At Dental Implants Hampshire, we love working with patients to restore their teeth using this method because of the positive impact that they have.

Dental Implants in HampshireThe equipment

If you want to see some of the equipment involved in the dental implant procedure, we are happy to show it to you at Dental Implants Hampshire. The implant itself is made from titanium which is a bio-friendly material. The dentist drills holes in your jawbone to place the implants. This is done gradually, under local anaesthetic, and with plenty of cold water flushing through your mouth to prevent overheating.

Every patient is different – some want to see all of the equipment involved and others would rather not. We adapt the information flow and experience to suit you so, let us know your preferences as we go along.

The placement

Placing your implants correctly is vital to their successful use. They need to be in sections of the jaw bone that are thick enough and tall enough to secure them. Your jaw bone will grow back around the dental implants and hold them in place. This is how you get such a natural relationship between your new teeth and the motion of your jaw. It’s also how you can apply the kinds of pressures required for vigorous biting and chewing.

Using them

At Dental Implants Hampshire, we hope to restore the functionality of your mouth to close to normal levels. This means you will be able to make a full range of food choices again. It also allows you to smile, speak and laugh with confidence. Dental implants require very little in the way of maintenance. As long as you follow a diligent dental hygiene routine, they are designed to last a lifetime. Your new teeth will not be susceptible to cavities or other dental problems. However, you still need to take good care of your remaining teeth and your gums.