Five things you need to know about dental implants in Hampshire

Preparation is key when it comes to extensive dental treatment like dental implants in Hampshire with Dental Implants Hampshire. The more you know before you start, the more prepared you can be for what is to come. Good information also allows you to look forward to the benefits.

The first thing we will do when you visit Dental Implants Hampshire for dental implants in Hampshire, is give you a detailed examination and consultation. This is so that we can tailor treatment and advice to suit your needs. There are some general details about dental implants that we can give you even before your consultation.

Dental Implants in HampshireDental implants are used to replace teeth

Whether you have one, several or all of your teeth missing, you can have them replaced with dental implants. We can let you know how many dental implants you are likely to need after your first consultation. You may not need one implant for every missing tooth. One implant can support more than one tooth on a bridge or denture.

Your new teeth will be resistant to decay

Dental implants are used to support synthetic teeth. These do not suffer from cavities or decay. However, it is still important for you to observe diligent dental hygiene practices to care for your gums and any remaining teeth. Gum disease can have a serious impact on dental implants so regular dental check-ups are vital. Dental Implants Hampshire will continue to work with you to take care of your teeth after you have dental implants.

Dental implants are good for any remaining teeth

One of the great things about dental implants is that you can keep any remaining healthy teeth when you have them fitted. In fact, they will have a positive impact on the overall conditions in your jawbone and gums because they stimulate the tissue and blood vessels in the jawbone around the implant site.

Dental implants are close to natural teeth

Dental implants allow you to experience similar bite pressure to that of normal teeth. They are also close in appearance. Most people will not be able to tell which of your teeth are natural and which of them are implants.