Do you have missing teeth?

Do you ever shy away from your reflection? Do you wish you didn’t have those missing teeth so you could love your own smile? Well, now is the time for a new you. No longer will you be conscious of those missing teeth ruining your big event or night out.

No longer will you feel the need to sit at home feeling embarrassed of your smile. Now you will be able to enjoy being out in public without fear of the movement of traditional dentures.replace-missing-teeth

Here at Hampshire Dental Implants we can help you. We will look after you through every stage of your procedure, to ensure that final smile is what you have always dreamt of. Hampshire Dental Implants can make your dreams come true.

How do they work?

Dental implants are small discreet screws that are attached directly to the jaw, providing an assured grip that will never fall out! These screws then become part of your jaw over time creating a seamless join between the screw and your jaw. At this point additions can be fixed onto the implant such as dentures, crowns and bridges to gain that natural feeling of your normal teeth.

Why Dental Implants?

There are numerous options for what to do about your missing teeth, but if you want the appearance, function and feel of normal teeth then dental implants is the procedure for you.

Dental Implants are stable and strong, just as strong as your normal teeth, as well as providing that sparkling white teeth look you have been craving.

The wonder of Hampshire Dental Implants goes even further than this, as our dental implants assure that the natural shape of your face is retained without fear of sagging or sunken jaws created by missing teeth.

Could there be any more extras to Hampshire Dental Implants? Well, yes there is. You will be awarded the freedom to eat whatever foods you have desired, without the anxiety and discomfort of dentures!

As a final cherry on top of the cake cavities cannot occur on an implant restored crown. So you can enjoy the freedom of one less worry on your regular trip to the dentist.