Dental implants – an overview for patients

The goal of dental implant surgery is simple to: replace your missing teeth. However, there are quite a few details you need to consider. When you have the treatment with Dental Implants Hampshire, we will guide you through the process in detail before you decide to go ahead.

dental-implants-hampshireIf you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. The best way to get started is to visit us so that we can address your particular concerns and shape our advice to fit the conditions in your mouth.

What do dental implants do?

Dental implants are small metal screws or cylinders that support prosthetic teeth. Essentially, they do a similar job to the tooth root but there are a few differences.

Each dental implant can support more than one tooth if needs be. A row of teeth or even a complete arch can be mounted on a bridge or dentures. Some dentures only require four implants to support the entire upper or lower set.

How are they fitted?

You dental implants are fitted right into the jawbone. The dental surgeon will drill holes into the bone under local or general anaesthetic. The bone will then regrow around the implant as your body heals. This effect means that they are integrated into your body and work extremely well alongside the motion of your jaw. They can also withstand the pressures and movements of your teeth whilst you are chewing. It is this effect that allows teeth mounted on dental implants to be used in very similar ways to normal teeth.

How long does it take?

When you visit Dental Implants Hampshire, we will be able to give you a clear idea about timescales, costs and so on. Dental implants are a long-term procedure. The fitting itself is relatively quick and will only take a couple of hours in most cases. Healing can take up to two months and, during that time, you will need to rest and eat a limited diet. As the healing progresses, you can gradually return to normal levels of activity and introduce your favourite foods back into your repertoire.

We will give you all the information you need to prepare for your treatment and take care of yourself afterwards. At Dental Implants Hampshire, we have seen patients enjoy the impact of dental implants again and again. We look forward to helping you become one of those people.